kevin-r-donleyKevin R. Donley is the former Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Grand River Printing & Imaging (1998–2012). With a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Rutgers University, a CBPE from NAPL Management Institute and two deacdes of experience in sales and marketing, Kevin has extensive knowledge of strategic planning, market analysis, branding and cross-media campaign execution. He has exceptional communication, creative and technical skills and is also an accomplished speaker and presenter. Kevin is a GRACoL Certified Trainer and Adjunct Faculty at Macomb Community College. He has written on many technical and business topics on his blog Multimediaman and he has been a speaker at printing industry events both locally and nationally. He is an active member of the Detroit Club of Printing House Craftsmen and the Advertising Production Club of Detroit. Kevin has served on the Board of Directors of the Printing Industries of Michigan for the past 9 years and he served a three year term as Chairman of the Board (2011-2013). Kevin is currently preparing for publication a book entitled, “Icons of Printing: Invention & innovation from Johannes Gutenberg to Steven P. Jobs.”

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